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About Us

It all started back in 2016, when Annabelle got the idea to make a dress for her then 3 month old niece, but in mid sewing her machine broke. Luckily Anna (her then coworker) agreed to help Annabelle to finish it. After that dress and a few ones, Sandía was born. Both Annabelle and Anna come from creative backgrounds. Annabelle studied Advertising in Universidad Sagrado Corazón (USC) and Anna studied Fashion Design in Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). With their passion for arts and travel, Sandía evolved to become a refreshing yet comfortable clothing line for the little ones. The line consists of a variety of products, such as bloomers, dresses, rompers, shirts, shorts, and sizes ranging from newborn to 6 years old. The clothing line is handmade in Puerto Rico and is made in 100% Cotton. Each piece is made with the same love and care as the first dress, and with handpicked funky fabrics from around the world.